Competitive Rates with Value Added Services and Resources 

Ongoing Asset Management Fees (as a percentage of Investable Assets) and an Annual Platform Fee are charged to your Investment Accounts, which covers the costs for the Financial Planning, Value Added Services, Resources, and Maintenance of your account. These fees are competitive and allow a declining scale based on Total Investable Assets. 

We receive sales commissions and renewals/service fees on the sale of insurance products, as determined by the insurance companies. All fees are disclosed and approved by you prior to any fees or costs being charged.

Third Party Professionals: It may be prudent during the course of our engagement to consult with other third party professionals, such as a lawyer or accountant. In the event that such a consultation is deemed necessary, you will be advised and requested to approve any such consultation. At that time you will also confirm that you understand and are willing to accept responsibility for any professional fees incurred. No such consultations will take place without your expressed approval and agreement.